Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Update of holidays

Been busy with things ever since we came back from our holidays. I updated the other blog of what we did in Philippines and Cambodia. I should put up some here when I get the time. We also went on open homes to see houses but in the end, decided to get a brand new house. It was either too small or too expensive. None satisfied both of us. Now with the new house, we are thinking of switching to another area which has more land value. The only thing is I don't like the house plan for the house and land package. I prefer the current house plan. I was hoping that I could use the current house plan in the other house land package. Hopefully things turn out to be ok. =)

I also do hope the year is going to be good. =) With the new house plan and current new roles, we will be both busy. When we settle in the new house, we will be busy arranging things. I can't think of anything else to update at the moment but will try to keep thinking and putting it down.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Halfway through

Another day passing by and time is running out for me. I mean my holidays. I still have one week of annual leave but I hope to keep it for next year if any cousins are coming to NZ for holiday and I can go with them to tour the backyard of my house.

Don't plan to go overseas until I save up enough for my dream location. Those who know me will know where I mean. =)

It is relaxing and nice during holidays and time sure pass real fast. I wish time would stop. I don't like the heat here but it sure is nice to be spending time with relatives and family. Anyway, when it is back to reality, I shall work hard to get to where I want myself to be.

I should stop rambling already and enjoy my holiday. I shall blog more when I am back to reality.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


I imported all the posts from my wordpress into the other blog so officially, the other blog has more posts than this blog even though this blog is the oldest one. Lol..

We were chatting last night about first jobs and being grateful of crappy things that happen to us. I do appreciate having a first job in an insurance industry. Probably is the best thing that happen to me. I think, without it, I wouldn't be able start off in such a nice office job.

I haven't really found a job in anything that I want to be in just because most employers want experience. I did complain that without the first job experience, I will never find it.

Recently, I have been given the opportunity to do a project-based work. With this experience, I am hoping that I can go elsewhere for a better pay job. I will explain why I said better pay job later. I do hope that I can stay on permanently in this new role but it really depends on where there is a vacancy or not.

Better pay job? I need to save more money for upcoming expensive holidays which I want to go. We have been saving hard for ourselves, for a new house, holidays and savings. But I don't think it is enough so I need to equip myself with experience so I can move on to a higher pay job = save more money.

Lol I talk too much. Need to get ready for church soon.

Holidays soon

Have stopped blogging on the wordpress blog already. The domain is not really stable so I guess I can just stop using it and continue using my usual blog which are here.

I imported most of my posts from the wordpress into my current blog. It is just because I spent all my time and effort on blogging so I don't really want to let all the posts go.

Anyway, am excited to go away soon. =)

Just one sentence. I do miss being close to my cousins. =S

Sunday, 9 September 2012


I think my other blogger posts are going to catch up with this blog soon if I don't post here that much. I mean, this blog has been with me ever since I first started blogging and I only have 493 posts. Lol

Guess that means I haven't been posting here that much then.

Anyway, just finish browsing through hotels for upcoming holidays. Seen too many and can't even decide which ones. Anyway, I left the list and price for hubby to choose since he is more picky than me. Hehehe..

I must have mentioned about the Mercure hotel in Auckland. It is ok for me because mainly we only need a place to sleep besides showering. But of course, it is not up to standard for hubby because it looks old and he much prefer a newer one.

Right, enough about hotels yeah. I want to play diamond dash. My new addictive game. Lol

Monday, 3 September 2012


Since more people read this blog, I shall blog here. I am watching news on the most dangerous spiders in the world in Australia. Gosh, the spider is probably the size of my palm crawling about in the screen.

They asked the community to face their fears and catch the spiders as they are running low on the venom. Wow.. I wouldn't catch it though but I would ask my friends who are not scared to catch. Oh wait, it is only in Australia. Hahaha..

I hate spiders though, too many legs. Snakes are ok. I am the opposite of mummy because she is not scared of spiders or any other bugs as long as they have legs. She has snake phobia.

Hungry now

It is funny how this blog have more people viewing than the rest of the blogs. I just saw the page views numbers and this blog has more. Maybe I should advertise the other ones. But my blog are mainly about boring stuff I do. Not so interesting.

If I travel a lot, I would dedicate it to be travel blog. It does sound interesting though. I do want to see the world again and also work at the same time. Yes, may not be able to work in the industry that I want but I get to see the world. Sigh..

Anyway, I recently found out that M has a new paper money designs and I am not sure if they still accept the old ones. I still have the old ones though. I hope I can still use it. This is probably the third time they change it. It will look foreign to me since I see nz paper money more often.

Rambling on

I am here, jotting down something to make sure things goes on. Lol

If readers read the other blog, this might as well be a duplicate. I was going to ramble on about my Auckland trip. You see, I need to maintain 3 blogs so I tend to talk about the same things in these 3 blogs. I don't blog here often so it is probably not so detailed.

Want more details? Go to www.lifedayemotions.com
So yes, my Auckland trip was short and tiring. I wanted to make full use of my time there. Slept less and see more. Gosh.. today is Monday and I am so tired. I need to txt sis to tell her about something but I am too lazy to get up to take my phone. Bleh and I am hungry. Too lazy to cook too.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


It is the last day of the month. Gosh, half of the year is almost gone. What have I done so far except working?

I need to list out a couple of things to do and what to do. That just reminds me of something to do. Yes, I really must get some stuff done. I think sometimes I am too busy doing everyday things that I forgotten to do the small little things. Sigh..

Friday, 13 July 2012


I have the sudden urge to blog so much now. Lol, I already posted two on the other blog. This is my fourth one.

I wanted to watch The Dark Knight rises and Snow White and the huntsman. According to colleague, Snow White and huntsman is not nice to watch. I think I will wait till the dvd comes out and rent from video shop. It is cheaper to rent and all four of us can watch for the price of $3 for one dvd. I have the coupon 3 for $10. New release is also included.

I also have the coupon 7 movies for $7. The thing is, it is hard to find 7 movies that you want to watch and 2 days are not enough to watch. We don't watch the whole day and we have other things to do, that's why we can't finish 7 movies in 2 days.

Wait till there is a 3-day-weekend and we can watch. Next one is Labour day in October but we are going to be off holiday then. Sigh.. maybe Christmas?

I have more to ramble about our holidays and the airline air asia.